Pantelleria: Italy’s Black Pearl

Pantelleria: Italy’s Black Pearl

Welcome to Pantelleria: The Black Pearl of the Mediterraean

The island of Pantelleria is one of the less known vacation spots in the Mediterranean.A small island between Sicily and Tunisia. A black pearl of the Mediterranean that hides beautiful landscapes, a clear sea and where even the VIPs like Armani and Zingaretti (better known as Montalbano chief) seek refuge from the cities.

Pantelleria: Do’s & See

A small island that is yet to be discovered and that is why we want to bring you here: 62 miles from the Sicilian coast. Ready to discover Pantelleria? We give you 8 good reasons to visit this beautiful island.

1. Relax by the sea

There are no beaches in Pantelleria. Despite this there are beautiful places to immerse themselves in crystal clear waters and make real sunbathing. Tenuta Borgia is a good starting point because it is located between two strategic points: the port of Nikà and the spectacular Balata dei Turchi, with its large flat rocks. Other destinations not to be missed are Martingana, the iconic Arco dell’Elefante and the Laghetto delle Ondine. The island is also a great place to practice naturism, especially towards the descent to the sea beyond the Arco dell’Elefante or proceeding beyond the Laghetto delle Ondine.

2. Enjoy a glass of wine

If Sicily is one of the Italian best regions where to taste excellent wine it must also Pantelleria. A part of the world to have a zibibbo grape (as a Moscato)vine Heritage of Humanity. This is the first time in the world a farming practice has been included in the UNESCO heritage list. Once here you can visit the many wineries, among the vines with the typical alberello vines and taste the famous Passito di Pantelleria.

3. Take boat trips

A boat trip in the clear waters of Pantelleria is a must. From here you can dive into the deep blue of the open sea or swim in one of the many caves accessible only by the sea. An incredible experience you’ll never forget.

4. Regenerate the body

Dive deep in the sulphurous waters of the Mirror of Venus: a lake embedded in a volcanic caldera. Here you can treat your body with a full body mask of beneficial thermal mud. For a steam bath, you can easily reach the mountain and enjoy a natural sauna at Bagno Asciutto: a small cave with warm vapors overlooking the splendid valley of Monastero. To end your beauty treatment, move to Cala Gadir: reach the port of this picturesque fishing village. Waiting for you there will be a swimming pool where the water from the hot springs mixes with the refreshing sea water.

5. Go hiking in the National Park

In order to preserve the rugged beauty of its particular natural and rural landscape, since 2016 the island has earned the title of “National Park”. Wear sports shoes and start exploring, in solitary or in a small group with a guide, the network of almost 120 km of trails that cross the island in all directions. The best trekking circuits are: Montagna Grande, Monte Gibele, Favare and Punta Spadillo.

6. Have a drink at sunset

Sunset time is the best time to spot the Tunisian coast. Sip an aperitif looking at the coast and the sun that plunges into the clear waters of the Mediterranean.

7. Enjoy the typical cuisine

Why not continue the evening in one of the many typical Panteleria restaurants? Every evening you can enjoy a special menu designed based on the availability on the island of organic products and Km0. And each dish is expertly paired with a glass of wine to enhance its taste and particularity. On Tuesdays and Fridays, Alessandra and Patrizia of Destino Vegetariano will also let you taste the authentic flavours of the territory, at the Cantina Minardi, which for the occasion becomes a Pop Up Restaurant.

8.Taste the Pantelleria’s capers

Among the most famous products of the island we have not yet mentioned the local specialty: capers! To enjoy it in an unusual way, relax with a Gin Gadir gin & tonic. This gin is obtained from an infusion of capers. A unique and rich taste.

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