Best Pride Parade in Italy

Best Pride Parade in Italy

Five Cities to Visit in Italy During Pride Season

Pride Season is a powerful time everywhere in the world. It’s the time of the year when you can find an old friend during a parade or meet a new one at the closure party.It’s a time full of love and happiness and the perfect season to discover new cities.Every year in Italy, there are about 30 Pride parades, and for this reason, they are known are “Onda Pride” which means “Pride Wave.” Almost all the parades are organized from late May to early September. They are found in seaside areas like Gallipoli, Rimini, and Riccione.

Best Cities to Celebrate Gay Pride in Italy

As in the most of the world, cities across Italy celebrate gay pride during the summer. Cultural festivals, parades, festivals and tons of parties turn on the night. But there are some that for sure deserve a visit! Here there are! 


Rome has the Rome event with millions of people! Pride in Rome is the biggest in Italy. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the city with friends and dancing until midnight.Rome Pride 2018 9th June 2018


Milan Pride is year after year, becoming one of the most colorful and funny prides of Italy. It takes place every last Saturday of June, and it is the climax of a week of events, speeches, and parties. It’s the perfect time to discover the city.Milan Pride 2018 30th June 2018


BolognaBologna and the LGBT movement has a great connection. Everyone in the city remembers that time when Bologna made the history of the Italian gay rights. For this reason, Pride is a very emotional issue for the local community.Bologna Pride 2018 23rd June 2018


The capital of the Tuscany region is an amazing city to visit. Florence people know how to party and how to have fun! Here the Pride Parade has a long history that traces back to the Renaissance era.Tuscany Pride 2018 To Be Decided


Naples is an authentic place in Italy and will surprise you with its exuberance and colors. Pride is the perfect time to visit the city because you will be able to experience the true authenticity of its people.Naples Pride 2018 To Be Decided

Pride in Italy

  • 18th May 2018: Bergamo Pride 2018
  • 26th May 2018: Molise Pride Campobasso Pride 2018
  • 9th June 2018: Trento Dolomiti Pride 2018
  • 9th June 2018: Pavia Pride 2018
  • 16th June 2018: Varese Pride 2018
  • 23th June 2018: Bologna Pride 2018
  • 30th June 2018: Milan Pride 2018
  • 30th June 2018: Bergamo Pride 2018
  • June 2018: Padua Pride 2018 (to be decided)
  • June 2018: Siena Pride, Toscana Pride 2018 (to be decided)
  • 28th July 2018: Rimini Summer Pride 2018

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