Best Beaches in Sicily

Best Beaches in Sicily

Anyone touring around the world wants the city to possess the attributes of uniqueness. That uniqueness hard to find anywhere in the world. The cities of Sicily have a lot of this features.Here you can find incredible UNESCO sites, Greek and Roman heritage and beautiful beaches on the other. All mixed with mild warm temperature and incredible street food.

Best Beaches to Visit Once in Sicily

With all this beauty in only one island It’s hard to make a list of the most beautiful beaches of Sicily but we did it! We list the towns and beaches to stop at on a tour round this beautiful island.

Isola Bella – Taormina

Isola Bella means ‘Beautiful island’ in Italian. This beach is famous around the world for its scenic beauty that awes the tourists visiting the site. You can discover it by boating and enjoy the temperate waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Others who want to have a thrill, can book themselves for the private Sailing Excursion including launch on board from Taormina.

Aci Trezza – Catania

Aci Trezza is a very popular spot for tourists and Italian people in summertime. It is a coastal town that has a rich history and known for its interesting legends. Further, the coast is also famous for its vibrant maritime history. Along the coast, three columns shaped islands: It is believed that these columns shaped stones were thrown towards the Ulysses in the Odyssey.

Mondello – Palermo

Palermo’s beach situated in Mondello is a small, seaside resort that is few kilometers away from the city center. The beach is generally full of people oozing out after their work and sunbathing. Sunny weather is an ideal time for the sightseeing and for enjoying the waves of the beach to cool down. The beach establishments and the pastel-colored cabins cover most of the coastline area.

Fontane Bianche – Syracuse

The beach of Syracuse is famous for its crystalline blue water and golden sand. Hence, it is the favorite spot of many local and international tourists. Due to the distance between the town and the coastal area, you must arrive here by public transport or by car. One of the reason to visit Fontane Bianche is the locals call it ‘Natural Paradise’ and you will discover why!

Scala dei Turchi – Agrigento

This beach is the icon of Sicily due to the white cliff. It is located between Realmonte and Portp Empedocle (Agrigento). It is a soft limestone that is blinded with incredible white marl.

Vendicari – Noto

Vendicari is one of the famous beaches of all the Mediterranean coast. If anyone wants to have a sunbath or to discover the hidden part of the sea, then this is the ideal destinatio. One of the prominent characteristics of this beach is the presence of Neptune seaweeds that form the harmless barrier to the coastline.

Zingaro Nature Reserve

The cost of this beach is rugged and rocky, mostly occupied with myriad of coves, sea stacks and grottoes in the limestone cliffs. Due to its picturesque beauty, the beach is crowded during the holiday season. But despite this, Zingaro is among the best beaches in Sicily.

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