A Day in Porta Venezia: The Gay District of Milan

A Day in Porta Venezia: The Gay District of Milan

Porta Venezia MilanWithout any doubt, Milan is among the most LGBT-friendly cities in Italy. It’s a very exciting place to be romantic, whether you’re in a relationship or if you just want to enjoy the city alone or with your friends.Historically, the gay center of Milan was around Central Station (Via Sammartini, that still hots some gay clubs and nights), but in the last years the new gay community is rising throughout Porta Venezia district: the perfect place to spend hours walking down the streets, relaxing in the park and drinking a cool aperitif.

A Day in Porta Venezia

To start your visit of Porta Venezia, the first thing to do is spending some hours in what the Milanese call “The Silence Quadrangle”: the district between Corso Venezia and Villa Necchi is a true paradise for those who are in love with History and Art, but also for its amazing buildings and flowers. Take some time to visit the district and the Liberty villas that fill the streets, you won’t be absolutely disappointed.If you love shopping, Corso Venezia is the street for you! In this road, you can find some of the most famous high-fashion brands up and down the fashion street of Via Montenapoleone.To find rest from an intensive shopping session, (that can be quite exhausting isn’t it?) we suggest you to go to Parco Indro Montanelli, where you can enjoy the sunshine, relax and talk, sitting on the grass in the park.And when the sun goes down, Porta Venezia shines on with one of the brightest gay offers in Italy: the best and trendy neighbor for a super cool aperitif.

Via Lecco And the Gay Nightlife

Via Lecco is the heart of the gay district in Milan. During Pride Week the entire street is full of stands and food trucks and becomes the Pride Square of the city. Rainbow flags are everywhere to celebrate this important event, not only for LGBT community but for the city itself.Everyday, Via Lecco and its main bar Leccomilano is the place where guys meet with friends and spend the night chatting and sipping cool drinks. Not far away from this street, you can find some good shops to buy cruious and beautiful gay stuff like the most recently opened Spacciomilano, where you can buy clothes and designer items made by young and gay artists.Walking around the district, you can find many shops where you can buy some very sexy pieces of men’s underwear … and you’ll be ready to dress for those nights out at the club!Hopping on and off the gay district is good way to try a variety of gay bars in Milan. For a best bar-hopping session, what you have to do is starting from Via Lecco, where you can find the aforementioned Leccomilano, MONO bar and Red bar and then go to the other side of Corso Buenos Aires where you can drink some good cocktails at Eppol and Blanco, one of the most fashionable gay bars in the city.Living the gay nightlife in Porta Venezia you can make new friends, sing at a Karaoke in the many bars or go dancing.Porta Venezia is where the night starts, what warms you off for the best gay clubs and disco in Milan. and … maybe can be the place where you’ll find a buddy to share the night.

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