How to Be Romantic in Milan

How to Be Romantic in Milan

Milano gayWhen someone thinks about Milan, the first things that come in the mind are fashion and its vibrant nightlife. And, of course, this is true, but there is much more to discover in Milan, which is full of  hidden treasures.Do you know that Milan can be a perfect place for romantics? And no, we’re not talking about restaurants serving heart-shaped crème brûlées!From SPAs to art galleries, here are the best 5 romantic things to do in Milan as a gay couple.

Dinner in ATMosfera

A fine restaurant on the railroad. ATMosfera is a special occasion tram in Milan where you can have a very good dinner while traveling around the heart of of the city.There are two historic trams carefully restored and modernized that will bring you around Milan to see: Sforzesco Castle, Duomo, Teatro alla Scala and the skyscraper district. A unique experience to have a proper italian dinner with candle lights while having the chance to see Milan’s beautiful places all at once!

SPA at Terme Milano

If you (and your man) love relax, Terme Milan this is the perfect place to go. At Terme Milan you can enjoy whirlpools, saunas and steam baths for the entire day or just for a romantic happy hour.This is a peaceful sanctuary of wellness, where you can eat some delicious sushi and sipping a sparkling wine while in the outdoor jet tub looking at the stars.

Firefly watching

There are some secret places in Milan and the one we’ll talk about is one of them.On the inner suburb of the city, there is a park (Parco delle Cave) where, from mid May to mid June, you can see tons of fireflies that comes here lighting it up: an unusual and hidden but special place to kiss your partner in the summertime.

The Mermaids Bridge

As you enter Parco Sempione, the park of the Sforzesco Castle, you might be surprised to see four mermaids and couples strolling around them. This bridge was inaugurated on 1842 at the presence of the archduke of Austria and is made entirely from cast iron.The Mermaids bridge is very special for lovers, and is the place to go if you want to promise him your love. The legend says that these mermaids help you make the right decisions and help people fall in love.

Brera: the Botanical Garden and ‘The Kiss’ by Hayez

Pinacoteca di Brera is a must-see place in Milan for its huge collection of artwork, from medieval to contemporary. One of the main landmarks of the museum is the painting The Kiss by Hayez, considered one of the the most passionate and intense representations of a kiss in Art’s history.Not far from the Pinacoteca you can visit the Botanical Garden of Brera, to get away from the bustle of the city. In the heart of the bohemian district, the Botanical Garden is the perfect place where you can kiss your man during the spring flower bloom.Regardless of what people say about Milan, this destination is the best place to live and share your love at its finest.

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