Noto: What to See and Do in the Baroque City of Sicily

Noto: What to See and Do in the Baroque City of Sicily

Noto Gay Guide: What to See and Do

Noto is the Sicilian city known for its Baroque buildings. Here you can taste a real Sicilian experience, taste an authentic cuisine, explore the archaeological sites and party all night long in the most gay friendly area of Sicily.The most vivid and beautiful street of Noto is Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Take some time to visit the shops, have a coffee in the squares and admire the palaces and balconies around the city center.

What to See and Do in Noto, Sicily

Throughout the historic center you can take a look at the beautiful churches and baroque buildings that have earned Noto the title of UNESCO Heritage. Here what to see and do in the baroque city of Sicily: Noto.

Cathedral of Noto

The cathedral is the symbol of Noto. The sandstone façade, the two bell towers and the stairway represent the perfect example of Sicilian baroque. The interior of the cathedral has lots of decorations, stuccoes and squares that make this church the richest in all of Sicily.

Church of Santa Chiara

Visit the church of Santa Chiara  and go up to the terrace to admire the city from above. The view from here will be stunning.

Palazzo Ducezio

Palazzo Ducezio was built between 1700 and 1800 and today is the seat of the municio of Noto. Once inside you will be surprised by the interior, the frescoed roof and the excellent acoustics. For this reason, the building was originally a small theater.

Palazzo Nicolaci

Palazzo Nicolaci is a Baroque-style residence with over 90 rooms. Some of these were donated by the family to the town of Noto and today they host the Library of Noto. Do not miss the Salone delle Feste and the beautiful balconies.

The Roman Villa of Tellaro

The Villa Romana del Tellaro is a residence of the IV century AD. It was destroyed by fire but despite this it was possible to preserve a beautiful cycle of mosaics, with hunting scenes, daily life and plant friezes.

Naturalistic Oasis of Vendicari

Vendicari is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily. The sea is crystal clear and pristine enough to have received for 4 blue sails that attest to the scenic beauty of the place. The 7 kilometers of fine sand and rocky coves are perfect for fun and relaxation.

Cala Mosche Beach

Cala Mosche Beach is a small treasure hidden not far from Noto and is accessible only by a narrow and wild path. The beach is very small but from here you can start to discover the cliffs and caves around the coast.

Noto’s Patisseries

Noto is also famous for its patisseries. Here you can taste many Sicilian sweets like cannoli and cassate but also ice cream and granita.

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