It’s Not All About Pizza: 10 Orgasmic Foods to Try in Naples

It’s Not All About Pizza: 10 Orgasmic Foods to Try in Naples

It’s not a secret that Naples has a huge food culture. This is where pizza was born and from where it has conquered the palate of the world. Its history begins at the dawn of time.Historians believe that pizza was used by the Etruscans from 1200BC and its modern form appeared in Naples in the 18th century. The most famous pizza of all, the “Margherita” dates back to 1889, invented by the Neapolitan pizzaiolo, Raffaele Esposito to reflect the colors of the Italian flag.Today, the Neapolitan pizza is a traditional speciality guaranteed by the EU and must contain, in its original form, tomato, basil and genuine mozzarella.

What to Eat in Naples

To be honest, food in Naples is something to take seriously and it’s not all about Pizza Margherita! So, read on! Here the most delightful 10 foods to taste once you are in Naples.

Scialatielli allo scoglio

This homemade pasta is a must of Neapolitan cuisine. You can eat it everywhere: there is no restaurant in Naples that doesn’t cook a good dish of scialatielli with seafoods.

Pasta fagioli e cozze

Another delicious dish of pasta to try! This was originally a peasant dish made with mussels and beans, but today it is a favorite among the best chefs in Italy.

Frittata di pasta

A typical dish of the city is the frittata di pasta or pasta omelette mixed with cheese, salami and eggs and fried in a frying pan. An authentic street food dish!

Pizza fritta

You can find deep-fried pizza on every street corner of Naples. It is made with the same ingredients of the Margherita and you can eat it in a restaurant or just walking down the street.

Danubio & Casatiello

Casatiello and Danubio are the two rustic pies usually served at Easter time. Both are made with lard, eggs, cheese and “cicoli”.


Fragrant, crunchy and one-of-a-kind! Cuoppo is a fried paper cone to eat in street while walking in the city.

Mozzarella di bufala

Buffalo mozzarella is a typical food of Caserta and Salerno. Nevertheless, it is undoubtedly one of the most quintessential foods of Naples. Eaten as an appetizer alone or to enrich a pizza, mozzarella di bufala is pleasing to the tongue.

Polpo alla luciana

To really taste this dish you have to try it in one of the trattorias of the Spanish district. This octopus is made with tomato, chili, garlic, oil, olives and capers. Quite simple to prepare but believe us: its unique taste will leave you speechless.


Naples has a rich sweets tradition, some of which are eaten only during certain festivities. This sweet is a similar to a grain pie with candied fruits and orange aromas and quite simple to prepare. Pastiera is the Easter sweet, but you can find it everywhere in the pastry shops and bakeries of Naples.


Sfogliatella is one of the most typical sweets of Naples, and you can find it in two versions; Riccia (curd) and Liscia (straight) both filled with ricotta cheese.


The most famous sweet in Naples. You will fall in love with its softness in contrast to the strong flavor of rum.

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