Is Milan a gay friendly city?

Is Milan a gay friendly city?

Milan gay friendly

Yes, it is! Milan is, so far, the best Italian city for LGBT people’s quality of life. 9/10

Safety: 9/10

in the city center of Milan, it’s very common to see gay couples holding hands or kissing. Milan is extremely welcoming and embraces diversity, like in the northern European or North American countries. In the outskirts, however, it’s always better to pay a little attention.

Gay life: 8/10

We can say that Gay life in Milan is beautiful because there are tons of cool gay-friendly bars, where you can find a mix of fashion and gIamour.

Gay only: 8/10

In Milan there are a lot of gay-only clubs and saunas. If you’re looking for “strictly gay” fun, so, you are in the right city!

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  1. Peter

    Definitely the best Italian city if you consider LGBTQ life. The rest of Italy is pretty homophobic, so if you’re gay and wanna visit Italy, you should definitely start from this beautiful, European and open-minded city.

  2. Luca di Notte

    The above comment is quite bigoted & most ignorant !
    You do NOT know Italy, nor Italians. You are most stupid beyond belief. You are not welcome to Bella ITALIA and it’s beautiful, kind, and loving people.