Gay Amalfi Coast: the ultimate insider’s guide

Gay Amalfi Coast: the ultimate insider’s guide

Looking for some fun and an exclusive gay Amalfi Coast guide? We’ve rounded up with our Alessandro five latest and must have reasons why you are missing out if you really don’t book now your next trip to Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi Coast: the gay guide of Gay Friendly Italy

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from, Alessandro?

Ciao! I am originally from Atrani, the smallest village of the Amalfi coast and also one of the smallest in Italy. I grew up there. Then when I was 19 I moved to Rome for my first job experience in the hospitality industry. At the moment I spend the summer months at home on the Amalfi coast, because I am currently a freelance hiking guide, and the winter months in Milan to finish my studies in tourism, management and territory.I love hiking, in fact I decided to turn my biggest passion and hobby into a job, and I’m so happy I did it.

What makes Amalfi Coast so special for the LGBT+ travelers’ community?

The Amalfi coast is the quintessential of the mediterranean beauty in terms of glorious nature and the perfect mixture with the local architecture, historical buildings , gorgeous villas, terraced gardens…so even though this is not officially an LGBT+ destination, you absolutely cannot miss it.

Where do you think that the gay-friendly soul of this place can be found?

I particularly recommend visiting the coast for the LGBT+ travellers’ community because you guys have to know that the coast has been a great source of inspiration for so many of our community in the past: Gore Vidal lived in Ravello and so did the ballet star Rudolf Nureyev in Positano. The neighbouring Capri as well was the mediterranean refuge for so many gays and lesbians coming from northern Europe between the 19th and 20th century.This was in fact an area of the continent where you could live your homosexuality without being imprisoned, and even if you could not show it off in public, still there was an underground movement of freedom of expression. So book your flight immediately and live your italian dolce vita fantasy!

Which is the best gay-friendly place you felt more comfortable while taking pictures?

At the moment there is not a gay-friendly venue (yet) on the coast, but definitely you can feel the vibes in Positano and Praiano. I love particularly Praiano because it’s really beautiful: you have amazing rooftop cafes and restaurants, it’s less crowded than Positano, and the people over there are the most gay-friendly of the coast.

What do you love most in this magical place?

When I’m at the One Fire Beach in Praiano I feel really good and relaxed, with the music at sunset while enjoying a prosecco with my friends. Or when there is a show in Positano with the drag mother of the Amalfi coast, Tiffany Romano.

What are your best three places?

Mother nature has been my source of energy and my refuge while growing up and not feeling accepted because of my homosexuality.This is also why I love hiking and why it’s a true way of life for me: because before coming out as gay, when there was no one I could talk to about who I really was, walking in my mountains surrounded by breathtaking sceneries has given me so much strength and hope to overcome my fear of being judged. Literally the concept of walking and deciding my own path of freedom has been so important in making the person I am today.This is why I highly recommend at least one hike to all of my LGBT+ brothers and sisters. So here’s my list of three favorite places of the coast you cannot miss: Villa Cimbrone in Ravello which is the absolute heaven on earth; the Valle delle Ferriere (Valley of the Mills) hike, which is the beauty you would not expect on the coast; and last but definitely not least the Cafe Mirante in Praiano, one of my favorite rooftop cafes where you can just look at the scenery, taste their amazing drinks and feel on top of the world.

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  1. Jay

    Hey , Many thanks for all information it’s useful as it’s on my bucket list to travel . How I can contact u if I plan my holiday being gay to have safe places to explore let me know Jay from London uk

  2. Richard Dixon

    Hi, my partner and I are staying in Atrani for a couple of days and would like to do a hike, we are flexible on location and times.