Foods at Adriatic Riviera – Romagna

Foods at Adriatic Riviera – Romagna

Those who travel on holiday in Italy know that one thing is certain: the quality of the food! Every region, city and town has its own food specialties that can knock your socks off!The Adriatic Riviera is one of that part of Italy born to satisfy your foodie spirit! From seafood to piadine, from bluefish to fried crispy dishes! All the time is the right time to eat in Romagna!

What to Eat One in Romagna

Our journey in the world of Romagna’s cuisine start with the queen of the Adriatic Riviera: the piada. Piada or piadina is a flatbread typically filled with crudo ham, squacquerone cheese and arugula. The best way to eat it is with a craft beer or with a glass of Sangiovese red wine. You can find it filled with many types of cold cuts, fresh cheeses and even with jam or chocolate. Look for one of the hundreds of piadinerie (specialized kiosks where piada is made) around Rimini or Riccione and be prepared to want more! One piada leads to another.The coastline is also famous for quality and tasty bluefish. You can eat a real Adriatic bluefish dish in one of the restaurants overlooking the harbors full of nets and moored boats.Bluefish are tasty and succulent when just grilled or topped with a squeeze of lemon. But they also stand up to flavors like herbs and garlic. Make sure to also try one of the most popular dishes in the restaurants of the Romagna Adriatic coast. This is the mixed grill dish served with olive oil, salt and parsley. Typical dishes are prepared with seppioline (squid) and shrimp.It is not only piada and fish in Romagna. There are so many foods to try that a lifetime itself won’t be enough to try them all out. The variety of original dishes in this region is truly great: spaghetti, strozzapreti, ravioli and dumplings seasoned with classic ragù Bolognese or fish sauces. And to continue, garganelli, tortellini and lasagna. But there is a kind of pasta that is loved more than any other by Romagna’s people: Cappelletti are small pasta squares typically filled with pork and ricotta cheese and served with capon or chicken broth.

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If you love venison, the rabbit in porchetta is the right dish for you. It is prepared everywhere in the restaurants of the Rimini hinterland. The boneless rabbit stuffed with garlic, rosemary, sage, wild fennel and roasted is a real orgasm for the mouth. Why it is called “in porchetta”? Because the rabbit is cooked using the same technique as Italian “porchetta” the delicious roast pork found as a street food dish.No lunch or dinner could end without a great sweet! Make sure to try the ciambella romagnola, a kind of donut typical of the Romagna tradition. It is not round like the classic donut, but large and flat. You can find it in many cafés and it is generally served as a dessert accompanying coffee. Another great sweet to try is the Miaccetto: a cake with dried fruit, raisins, honey and pine nuts. You will definitely love the taste!

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