Catania Gay Guide: Bars, Clubs, Saunas and Cruising

Catania Gay Guide: Bars, Clubs, Saunas and Cruising

Catania is one of the most beautiful Sicilian cities and known world-wide for its Baroque buildings. With year around mild temperatures, Catania has a wonderful sea side location perfect for naturism lovers and has a very a welcoming atmosphere for LGBT people. Said this, it’s no wonder that many Italian gay travelers come here to spend their holidays in culture, sunbath and nightlife.And it is written in its DNA! Starting from the Eighteen Century, Sicily (among the Amalfi coast) was the perfect place where boys used to spend their holidays during the Grand Tour. Among the others, Oscar Wilde stayed here.Today, Catania and Sicily has more to offer. Start your stay here from one of the dream beaches and naturist oases and end the day in one of the amazing clubs that light up the night of Catania’s gay people.

Catania Gay Guide: Gay bars

Catania is the perfect destination not only for foreign but also for Italian (and Sicilians in particular) who come here during the weekend for having some proper fun! Here the best gay bar, clubs and saunas in Catania.


Nievski is the historic gay bar in Catania. You can find it in the heart of the historic center in Via Alessi. It is recognizable by the lots of people sited on the staircase: this is the perfect place to meet some gay guy and girls before going to dance. If you have time make a dinner here… the fish is delicious.Le Capannine Catania

Catania Gay Guide: Gay clubs

Nights in Catania starts really late but the many clubs and discoes around the city offer tons of opportunities to have fun. Here the best gay club in Catania (Sicily).

Discus Beach

When summer starts (from June to earl September) this is the place to go! Discus Beach is the right place to dance under the stars, drink some cocktails and meet some Sicilian guy.

Pegaso’s Club

Pegaso’s Club is the favorite nightclub by Catania people and is a nightclub since 1994. Here you will find parties and electronic music. But don’t worry: if you are in some Britney mood you will not be disappointed. What else? During summertime you can dance under the starts and have a very hot pool party.


A quite new nightclub in town but yet loved by the gay community in Catania. At Industrie you can find good music, funny people and a amazing parties.Terme di Achille Catania Sauna Gay

Catania Gay Guide: Gay saunas

Catania is also the right place is you are in a kinky mood and if you are looking for places to spend a few hours with good company. These are the best saunas in Catania.

Terme di Achille

The atmosphere is very welcoming and and the sauna is really clean. Here at Bagni di Achille you can find fun in the Finnish sauna, a Turkish bath or in the spa.

South Factory Club (SFC)

For what is well know? The whirlpool bath is huge (seriously!) and the sauna area of the South Factory Club offers all you need to keep relaxed and hot!

Gay Cruising in Catania

Codice Rosso

Codice Rosso is the only one Gay Cruising Club in Catania and is one of the biggest in southern Italy. Here you will find a Dark Room, Sling Room, Gloryholes, Cabins and Cinema.

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