Best Natural Hot Springs in Italy

Best Natural Hot Springs in Italy

In Italy, all tourists come here to go to beaches and art cities, but few know the entire country is full of hot springs just waiting to be discovered. Here you can find the most charming spots where you can relax and enjoy life as the Italians do.

Fosso Bianco – Tuscany

Fosso bianco hot spring in ItalyIn Tuscany, and in the near Tuscia area, there are many hot springs to visit if you are seeking relaxation. Many of them are now enclosed in spa centers and you have to book your stay to bathe in the hot water, but you can still find free hot springs for an incredible experience.Fosso Bianco is a natural pool close to Bagni San Filippo. With a waterfall, here you can bathe in white water full of calcium.  With a temperature holding steady at 48 °C, the water here is warm and you can come even when is snowing. 

Bagni di Bormio – Valtellina

Imagine diving in hot springs flowing from the rock while enjoying a breathtaking panorama. Bormio is a paradise for mountain and spa lovers. Full of luxurious facilities offering open air routes and wellness treatments, the mineral waters flow here directly from the Alps and maintain a temperature ranging from 37 to 43 °C.

Saturnia – Tuscany

Saturnia hot spring in ItalyThe Terme di Saturnia are perhaps the most famous springs in Italy. Located in the municipality of Manciano in Tuscany, this thermal spring feeds the whole area and was known by the Etruscans and the Romans. The most beautiful spot to spend time at the thermal baths is Gorello Falls, also called the Mill Falls. Here you can spend all hours between water jets and natural pools.

Laghetto dei fanghi – Sicily

The Laghetto dei fanghi (literally sludge pond) is an almost secret place that is located on the Vulcano Island in the Aeolian Islands. You can only arrive here by boat and after a short walk you can get treatments that will give you a new life. Natural mud is a cure for muscle and joint pain and helps improve skin blemishes. Although the whole pond stinks, the sludge temperature is always at 28 °C, perfect for both summer and winter.

Terme di Petriolo – Tuscany

The Terme di Petriolo have been around since Roman times and were quoted in an oratory of Cicero and in an epigram of Martial. In addition, some remains of the Etruscan and Roman era were found in this area. With waters rising to +43 °C you can enjoy the benefits of the spas both in nearby hotels and open and free to the public.

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