Best Foods to Try at Least Once in Rome

Best Foods to Try at Least Once in Rome

In Rome you will not only see monuments and museum, but you also will eat amazing food. There are so many delicious things to eat in the city you only have to start trying everything you see.

Conchiglie e sorchette

Start your day with a proper breakfast, and in Rome breakfast is something serious! If you like sweet things, you can go to any bar and ask for cappuccino and a conchiglia. This dessert is a seashell shaped croissant made from puff pastry and filled with apricot jam or cream. But during the night sorchetta is the best thing you can eat in the city. Made only in Via Cernaia 47 in the Sorchetta doppio schizzo bakery, to get one you have to go to bed vary late. From midnight on in this bakery, these puff pastries and cream desserts are served fresh. You can also pick your favourite flavor: white chocolate, whipped cream, nuts, chocolate or all three together.


If you are hungry but you don’t want to sit in a restaurant and wait to be served, fritti (fried food) is all you need. In the rosticcerie (very small and simple shops without tables) you can get a “supplì”. Suppli are fried balls rice with ragu, ham and cheese in it. Different from sicilian arancini, the flavour is very simple and those are a good compromise if you want to whet your appetite before lunch or dinner.


You can eat carbonara all over the world but no Carbonara is as good as the original one. Spaghetti is served with a creamy sauce dotted with chunks of guanciale (cured pork jowl), eggs, pepper and cheese. Eggs are almost runny, and the texture may be a bit sticky. But you can always ask the chef to cook it a little more, but do not expect to find a dry and cooked dish.

Pizza al taglio

Pizza al taglio is very typical here. Sold in food trucks or in bakeries, this pizza is a little bit different from the round shaped traditional pie. Crunchier and tastier, the pizza al taglio is sold in squares and it’s seasoned with anything you can imagine. The most typical flavor pizza filled with bologna and pistachio.

Jewish artichoke

Not everyone knows that the best dishes of Roman cuisine are of Jewish tradition. In the old Jewish ghetto you can eat incredibly tasty dishes, but the best of all is the Jewish artichoke (carciofo alla giudia). This Roman artichoke is fried twice and up to the shape of a flower. Crispy and tasty, artichoke keeps its soft heart and has crunchy leaves like french fries.


Even if the ice cream has sicilian origins, in Rome ice cream shops are popping up everywhere. With hundreds of flavors to choose from, one of the best shops is called Dalla Palma and is located near Piazza Navona. Here you can choose from 30 flavors of chocolate and many other flavors. Also try the “hot” ice cream, which is a delicious and semi-cold mousse that can be eaten without “brain freeze”.

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