Become a local guide

Become a local guide

GayfriendlyItaly is not made by pixels or code.

It’s made by the (LGBT) people for (gay friendly) people.So the innovative feature of our platform is the will of creating a deep engagement in our community to make it grow and makeing Italy a more gay friendly environment.So let’s jump to our test!Are you a naturally open person?
Do you enjoy meeting new people and showing them wonders of your home-town or area?
Are you a social and/or off line influencer?
Do you always have the “right tip” for what-to-do tonight?
Are you always up to date to any new “place to be” in your city and you love to discover and make your friends discover new places?If YES you’re the perfect Gay Friendly Local Guide, and the good new is that you can also build a new job enjoying your time with nice gay friendly people that are exploring our country.

What we offer

A free premium profile on Gay Friendly Italy, from whom you can offer your tour services to incoming tourist (value 1,000 € per year)The possibility to involve gay friendly businesses in your area, to teach them what “be gay friendly” means – and earn.

What we ask for

Deep knowledge of your area, main cultural attractions, clubbing and entertainment opportunity, and “gay friendly” tipsTo be a social animal, a positive and educated person, and speak an excellent englishBe a GayFriendlyItaly ambassador to sustain the growing of our community on social networks and PR 



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