The Most Beautiful Gardens in Italy

The Most Beautiful Gardens in Italy

The Most Beautiful Gardens To Visit Once in Italy

Italy is a country with a good variety of temperate, stunning landscapes and opulent villas. For this reason in Italy you will find some of the most beautiful gardens that has inspired ancient and contemporary designer.

6 Most Beautiful Gardens in Italy

This is something born in the past with the villas fo kings and queens and they are not only interesting to green lovers but something that most of Italian people consider one of the top tourist attractions. In this post you find the most beautiful gardens to visit once in Italy.

1. Villa della Regina – Turin

Villa della Regina is part of the Savoy Villas, UNESCO Sites of Torino. The complex of vineyards and gardens was built by the House of Savoy in the early seventeenth. From the Queen vineyards it produced today the Freisa di Chieri DOC ” Villa della Vigna Queen “. In the park you will see the Pavilion of the Solinghi, a pagoda building used by the Academy of the Solinghi to meet intellectuals.

2. Villa Carlotta – Como Lake

The garden of Villa Carlotta is a very romantic and fascinating place. Here you can find different styles of gardening and different species of plants. Here you can find an authentic sea of multicolored azalea, different varieties of camelies in many colors and the bamboos garden inspired by the Japanese garden.

3. Isola Bella – Maggiore Lake

Isola Bella means Beautiful Island and with a reason. In this small island you can find the 17th-century palace of Count Vitaliano Borromeo with a series of 10 terraces. The terraces are completely covered with flowers and trees, camellias, magnolias, oleanders and statues. To arrive here you can take the boat on to Isola Madre.

4. Villa Necchi Campiglio – Milano

Villa Necchi Campiglio is located in the Liberty area of Milan, near the gay district. It is an explosion of art: the interior is full of works from Fontana and Magritte, while outside the beautiful garden with swimming pool is full of all type of flowers.

5. Giardini della Venaria Reale

Venaria Reale, just 30 minutes from Turin is one of the best example of the magnificent of the House of Savoy.  The Reggia is dedicated to the goddess Diana and you will see this everywhere. The garden has a unique ancient and modern charm. Take your time to stroll around the garden and to enjoy it from a different point of view. You can sail on the Great Pond on the gondola of the Reggia, a real Venetian boat.

6. Labirinto della Masone – Parma

Entering in the Labirinto della Masone and getting lost in the alleyways and crossroads of the labyrinth has that charm that only having to choose can give you. This maze is the largest bamboo maze in the world. And it is a true and unique work of art that is still little known in Italy. It has the classic star shape and refers to the Roman labyrinths to which blind alleys, crossroads and traps have been added; absent in the original variants.

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