5 Underestimated Tourist Places in Italy

5 Underestimated Tourist Places in Italy

Italy is one of the most visited and loved countries in the world thanks to the many cities and natural sights all over the country. As the country with the highest number of UNESCO sites, every corner of Italy has hidden places to visit. For those who want to discover something different, here are the 5 most underestimated tourist attractions in the nation.


Pisa what to see in ItalyPisa is a small town in Tuscany with an active local life and a network of narrow streets that winds through the beautiful old town. Churches, historic buildings and Keith Haring’s only work frame the incredible leaning tower. Beginning to tilt as they built it, the tower of Pisa is now visitable and is a unique monument for its beauty.


Milan what to seeMilan is known as the most fashionable city in Italy. Elegant men and women walk around the street as if they were in a fashion show and entire neighborhoods are full of luxury boutiques where they can buy the best clothes in the world. But Milan is also amazing for its ancient and modern monuments. The Duomo is known all over the world and can leave you breathless with its immense white marble façade. If you are looking for a glimpse of modern work, the new Gae Aulenti Square will satisfy your eyes. The towers designed by Caesar Pelli wrap you like you are in a colosseum of steel and glass.


Volterra what to seeVolterra is a small Tuscan village and you may have already seen this medieval town in a movie theater. Its streets, palaces and squares have often been used as movie sets but it was New Moon of the Twilight saga that brought Volterra to be known beyond national boundaries. Piazza dei Priori is the main square of the city and the Palazzo dei Priori must be seen. Its structure and the frescoes that decorate it are so beautiful that in 1200 they inspired the construction of the Palazzo della Signoria in Florence. Before leaving, don’t forget to visit one of the many workshops where local artists work on alabaster, creating incredible sculptures you can buy as souvenirs.


Bari what to seeOften marked by a bad and false reputation, Bari is a hidden gem overlooking the Mediterranean. The modern part of the city is full of Liberty-style palaces, cafes, and shopping boutiques. While “Bari vecchia”, the old historical center, is a large neighborhood full of narrow streets, churches and local life. The “orecchiette” street, a typical Apulian pasta, is a small street that cannot be missed. Here many women make homemade pasta in the street. You can see them sitting outside their houses, intent on kneading fresh pasta and typical Apulian dishes.


Naples what to seeMany people prefer to go to Naples just to reach the Amalfi Coast. In this city you could stay for a couple of weeks without being able to visit it all. Popular neighborhoods offer the best emotions! In the churches of the historic center you can see works by Caravaggio and amazing works of art. The Cristo Velato is one of the most beautiful sculptures in the world. Sculpted by Giuseppe Sanmartino, the sculpture is in the San Severo Chapel. The Christ is carved as if covered by a transparent veil. The effect is so realistic that the legend is told of the sculptor searching for a way to transform the fabric in white marble. He succeeded in creating this effect that many have tried to imitate but without success.

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