10 Secrets To Visit Rome like a Roman

10 Secrets To Visit Rome like a Roman

Rome is without any doubt one of the greatest tourist cities in Italy. And it is easy to understand why! There are amazing buildings and history in every corner of the street and many museums to visit.You might just be walking in the streets for days (or even months) and be surprised each moment taking in its breathtaking sights and discovering new things to do.

Visit Rome Like a Local

Once you have visited the essential Rome, make sure to spend some time exploring the city the way the locals do. Because here in Rome there are awesome sights and experiences you can’t miss.Here’s what you can learn from Romans on how to live in the city like a local.

  1. Take a walk to the Janiculum Hill where every day at noon, there is a cannon gun to remember the Battle of Rome that was won here.
  2. Eat artichokes in Jewish district of Rome. Just off the Tiber Island you can find real Judaic-Roman cuisine and taste some of the genuine dishes of Rome.
  3. Drink a coffee in one of the famous caffetterias of Rome. At Caffè Sant’Eustachio you can drink a real italian coffee! But be prepared: with you there will be tons of people that want to drink an espresso just like you.
  4. Roman holidays? Do as Audrey Hepburn did: Rent a Vespa and drive in Rome as it would make you a true Roman!
  5. Pizza al taglio is the best street food to eat in Rome and no visit in the city is complete without a slice of this pizza in your hand. Go to the Piazza Madonna dei Monti to find the best pizza al taglio and to meet some locals to chat with.
  6. If you are still hungry, what you need is a real Italian sandwich. Romans call it a zozzoni and just near Piazza Navona you can eat a slice of pizza romana with Mortadella for few euros.
  7. The Vatican Museum is famous for religious celebrations and artwork. Walking in its halls may be like a gay epiphany. From the hidden love between the Roman Emperior Hedrian and his lover Antinous and the most famous gay painter of all time,Michelangelo, the Vatican Museum is the place where you can discover the best gays in the history of Rome.
  8. If there are something that Rome’s people really love it is the street market. One of the most famous of the city is the one in Campo de’ Fiori. Here you can find spices, vegetables and hilarious Romans to chat with.
  9. The Protestant cemetery of the Testaccio is an incredible place where non-Catholic people were buried. It is here that you can visit the tomb of Keats and Shelley, and many painters, poets and diplomats.
  10. Nothing is better than an amazing sunset to end a visit of the Eternal City. Go to the Garden of Oranges and enjoy the best panoramic view in Rome.

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